The acting head teacher is Fang Shuzhi, and like the rest of the class, the original owner likes him very much. Fang Shuzhi is knowledgeable, and unlike other teachers who are pedantic, he can answer whatever he asks. Even if he talks to him about games, he can pick up the words and play with him after class or lunch break. After two months of substitute teaching, Fang Shuzhi became familiar with all his classmates. The students liked him and the parents were satisfied. The original owner’s grades are not good, near the final exam, began to cram, run to the office every day, ask Fang Shuzhi questions. Fang Shuzhi will answer patiently one by one. Later, he simply stayed after school and made up lessons for the original owner alone. Although only telling the memory of the original owner, Chen Qi’s fingertips still trembled. “At first, Fang Shuzhi touched me occasionally, but I didn’t notice it. Later, he touched my arm from time to time and took my hand. Even in class, he would come to my seat.”. In class exercises, he would come over specially, bend down, approach me from behind, and give me a lecture in a posture like holding me in his arms. At that time, the original owner was an ordinary teenager, thinking about playing and cartoons every day, returning home, acting like a spoiled child with his mother, quarreling with his father, carefree. Even if I have heard of similar things,digital whiteboard price, I feel that it is far away and will not happen to me. He didn’t realize it was wrong. Until, a week before the final exam, Fang Shuzhi asked the original owner to go to his home to make up lessons. Fang Shuzhi is a pervert! Chen Qi gulped down the water, suppressing the nausea and fear of recalling this memory, and his lips turned white. “He told me that I was not the only one who went to his home to make up lessons, but when I went in, there was no one else.”. He hugged me from behind, cut my hand behind his back, wouldn’t let me move, came over and kissed me,temperature screening kiosk, and put his hand on me. Touching. Xie Lang’s face was sullen and his breath was cold. He gently wrapped his hands around Chen’s trembling hands holding the cup, “OK, Xiaoyu, needless to say.” Chen Tuan is trembling. The body of the original owner, instinctively resists that memory. Touched by Xie Lang, Chen Qi stiffened, looked up to see Xie Lang’s face, and took a deep breath, then relaxed, no longer stiff. Let me finish. “Chen’s voice was very soft.” That day, I beat Fang Shuzhi and almost ruined him. The noise was so loud that the whole building heard it. Fang Shuzhi has always been a good image, in the face of everyone, he made a counter-charge, saying that I took the initiative to seduce him, I gave him a hint. It’s a big deal. At school, Fang Shuzhi resigned. But the original owner was still in school, and the final exam was coming soon, so he had to take the exam. Chen Qi’s voice is a little dry, thermal imaging camera ,interactive whiteboard prices, “Fang Shuzhi is really too good at camouflage, everyone teachers, students, and even parents, think he is a good teacher, believe his words, that I took the initiative to seduce him.”. Teachers are indifferent to me, students are pointing at me, friends are no longer close to me, I am.. Bullying. The original owner’s seat was moved next to the trash can. Every day, people wrote such words as “disgusting homosexuality”, “death to homosexuality”, “pathogen, contagious” on it. His textbooks and homework were always thrown into the trash can. Then, my parents, my father unilaterally quarreled with my mother, scolded my mother, said she ate and drank freely at home every day, but taught such a pervert. Chen Tuan said, tears suddenly could not stop falling down. I feel sorry for the original owner. From the beginning to the end, no one believed him except Ji Juan, and no one stood up. But Ji Juan’s voice was too weak. She was a housewife at that time, and her education was not high. No one listened to her. Chen Tuan’s voice trembled and he could not help sobbing. They quarreled for a long time, and then they divorced. My father avoided me, fearing that I would follow him and humiliate him again. After the divorce, he left a sum of money and left, never to appear again. My mother transferred me to another school and moved to X city until now. “The little fish is good and doesn’t cry.” Xie Lang said, wiping the tears from Chen’s face with his finger pulp. He gently hugged Chen Tuan, moving gently and carefully, as if Chen Tuan were a porcelain doll, which would break if he exerted a little force. Chen Tuan closed his eyes, leaned on Xie Lang’s arms, grabbed Xie Lang’s clothes, and instinctively relied on him. Xie Lang hugged Chen Tuan and called him in a gentle voice to coax him, but his expression and eyes were gloomy, as if they were covered in ink. Lowering his head, the corners of his mouth brushed the ends of Chen’s hair, and his dark eyebrows and eyes softened a little. “Don’t be afraid of the little fish, I’m here.”. I’ll stay with you.
” The tone sank, seriously, “I will not let anyone hurt you.” No more words. They hugged each other and drew on each other’s body heat. When Chen Tuan calmed down, Xie Lang picked up his face and asked, “Has Xiaoyu eaten yet?” Chen Tuan shook his head. Xie Lang: “Then I will cook a bowl of noodles for you, and you go to take a bath first.” Chen Tuan came out of the bath in a much better mood. As soon as he arrived at the living room with wet hair, he was pulled to the sofa by Xie Lang. “I’ll dry it for you.” Chen Tuan’s hair is a little long, each hair is thin and soft, Xie Lang moves very gently to fiddle with the hair, finger pulp gently massage the scalp, Chen Tuan unconsciously sitting posture are relaxed, lean back. The hair dryer buzzed for a few minutes and then stopped. Xie Lang bent down and hugged Chen and put his chin on the top of his head. “Little fish, it smells like me now.” “It’s different,” Chen said in a low voice. Xie Lang only hugged him for a moment, then loosened him and led Chen Tuan to the table to sit down. Hearing this, he said doubtfully, “Um,” “Where is it different?” The root of Chen Qi’s ear is hot. You smell better. “Is it?” Xie Lang chuckled, “I think the small fish smells better.” He put the chopsticks in Chen’s hand, pulled out the chair and sat down opposite him. Xie Lang held his cheeks. “All right, let’s eat noodles first.” “All right.” Chen Tuan concentrates on eating noodles. Xie Lang looked at it for a while,smart interactive whiteboard, took out his cell phone and sent a message to Ji Mingan. Xie Lang: Do me a favor. [Ji Mingan: What?] [Xie Lang: Help me check a person, Fang Shuzhi. Does he have any background? Can he go to prison?] Ji Mingan:? Just one name? Brother, I call you brother. That’s the name. There are thousands of people in the whole country without tens of thousands. I will check them one by one. I have to check them for you in ten years. Is there any more detailed information? How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do? 。 hsdtouch.com

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