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After thinking about it, Yi Tang replied, “Let’s just say that an upgrade stone can definitely upgrade the sword in your hand one hundred percent, but if it is used in godhood, it is only one in a billion.” “Oh.” Yi Chi nodded suddenly and said, “That is to say, the probability of success depends on the level of the item itself. The higher the value of the item, the smaller the probability of success.” Yi Tang nodded and said, “Yes, that’s it.” This, Yi Chi understood, however, Yi Chi was a little disappointed, if he wanted to upgrade the level of something in the future, what should he do if he failed? Seemed to see Yi Chi’s concerns, Yi Tang said with a smile: “Don’t worry, how much is the probability, I know at a glance, you just ask me in advance on the line, and everything has a grade, this upgrade stone naturally has a grade, you can rest assured.” “Oh.” Yi Chi smiled and said with relief, “That’s all right. I’m really afraid of a failure in the future.” Well, what do you say now? Do you want to upgrade or exchange it directly? Yi Tang asked. Of course, there is nothing to say, Yi Chi has decided, what is cost-effective to use which one, now it is more cost-effective to exchange directly,mini tape measure, then Yi Chi is naturally to exchange directly. However, after listening to what Yi Tang said just now, Yi Chi had other ideas, so he said: “Yi Tang, listen to what you said just now, it seems that there are many levels of this upgrade stone, then, is there anything lower than this?” Yi Chi pointed to the upgrade stone on the screen and said. Yi Tang smiled helplessly, shook his head and said, “I really can’t hide it from you. There is something lower than it,tailor measure tape, which can be used to upgrade your weapons.” With that, Yi Tang pointed to the screen again, and suddenly, the two sets of information on the screen disappeared and replaced by a new set of information. Yi Chi looked again. Broken upgrade stone: a stone that can upgrade the level of items. It is only suitable for items that can upgrade the level, such as equipment, godhood, currency and other items in the game. They are all within the scope of upgrading. Because they are broken, the probability of success is relatively low. Energy points are required for exchange: 100,000 points. “One hundred thousand points?” Yi Chi focused on the number before turning to look at Yi Tang. Yi Tang curled his lips and said, “Yes, one hundred thousand points. How about it? It’s cheap. It’s the same price as when you exchanged this weapon.” Yi Chi nodded and agreed with him. In turn, Yi Chi said doubtfully, “Does the phrase’the probability of success is relatively low ‘mean that it is possible to fail?” Yi Tang nodded and said, “Of course it’s possible to fail. Even the upgrade stone may fail. It’s a broken one, and it can be 100% successful.” Yi Chi is helpless, straightforward: “I am to ask, I upgrade my weapon with it, can you fail?” Yi Tang shook his head and said, “No.” After hearing these two words, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,seamstress measuring tape, Yi Chi was relieved. Since Yi Tang said no, then Yi Chi also need not worry, this point, Yi Chi still believe in Yi Tang, he did not need to deceive himself in this matter is not it? After getting the answer he wanted, Yi Chi chose to exchange. Exchange broken upgrade stone. Yi Chi said firmly. Successful exchange, energy points deducted: 100,000 points, remaining energy points: 4,0004,000 points. As soon as the voice fell, a small stone full of holes appeared on Yi Chi’s hand, which looked black and ugly. Yi Chi frowned and turned to Yi Tang and asked, “Is this the upgrade stone?” Yi Tang shook his head and denied, “No, no, no. This is a broken upgrade stone. Look at the holes on it. This shows that it is broken.” Yi Chi was speechless. When he saw him shaking his head, Yi Chi was already not an upgrade stone. His feelings were that he had missed three words, which startled him.
After pinching the non-mainstream stone on his hand, Yi Chi raised his head and said doubtfully to Yi Tang, “Yes, Yi Tang, when I used to exchange it, the voice always asked me if I was sure of something. Why is it gone now?” In recent exchanges, it seems that there is no such question, Yi Chi is also now think of this matter, since Yi Tang is now here, he just remembered, it also casually asked out. After Yi Tang listened to Yi Chi’s words, he smiled and said to him, “This is my credit. How about it? Do you think it’s much simpler?” Yi Chi nodded, in this way, it is indeed a little simpler, at least he can say a word less, although it does not cost Yi Chi much time. Dou Shen Ruins Chapter 146 Upgrade, Upgrade! Chapter 146 upgrade, upgrade (third watch). After figuring it out, Yi Chi put his eyes on the stone again and asked, “How can I use this thing?” At this time, Yi Tang sat back on the chair and said leisurely: “Put it on the thing to be upgraded and drop a drop of your blood.” Yi Chi is astonished, this unexpectedly also wants to drop the blood, how to feel like those artifacts recognize the Lord like? However, since Yi Tang said so, Yi Chi also knows this method, drop blood on the drop of blood, anyway, just a drop of blood. So Yi Chi stretched out his hand, holding the delicate green steel sword in one hand, and put the broken upgrade stone on the top of the sword in the other hand. As it happened, there were many holes on it, and it was easy to put it on, and it didn’t look like it was going to fall down. After finishing, Yi Chi then raised his hand to the top of the two, fighting in his body, and opened a small crack directly on his finger. Suddenly, a small drop of bright red blood dripped down, just dripping on the broken upgrade stone, slowly sliding down to the blade. After a drop of blood, Yi Chi withdrew his outstretched left hand and looked carefully at the changes in the sword and the broken upgrade stone. After Yi Chi’s drop of blood flowed through both sides, it was considered to have completed its mission and was gloriously absorbed. Yi Chi smiled, this is the reaction he wants,bespoken tape measure, this blood should be absorbed, if not absorbed, Yi Chi really want to wonder if there is something wrong. pioneer-biotech.com

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