The private room is very big, and it has all the necessary entertainment facilities, so people who usually come here will play for several nights in a row. At this time, there were at least thirty men and women in the private room, each of whom knew that he was a rich man’s playboy. On the sofa in the middle, a man in a black jacket raised his glass to He Ziyang beside him and said, “I said Ziyang, your woman is too uninteresting, isn’t she?”? You see which people here do not drink, she came in to the present, no matter who the toast is not drunk, this shelf is really big ah! As he spoke, his eyes fell on Jiang Mijing in He Ziyang’s arms, with a sneer and disdain in his eyes. Jiang Mijing’s stiff body was hugged by He Ziyang in her arms, feeling all kinds of unfriendly eyes thrown at her from all around, she only felt uncomfortable all over, and had an impulse to get up and run away from here immediately. Like Su Li’s guess, she was forcibly brought here by He Ziyang. A group of people, without giving her any chance to refuse, pulled her into the car. A woman with a hot figure on the other side gave Jiang Mijing a cool glance and said to He Ziyang, “Yes, He Shao,juice filling machine, I thought what kind of woman was worth your trouble and refused me so many times. It turned out to be such a little green vegetable!”! I’m so sad. He Ziyang has been an arrogant person since he was a child. At the beginning, his pursuit of Jiang Mijing was just a whim after he returned to China. This interest was finally accompanied by Jiang Mijing’s repeated rejections and then turned into a strong desire to conquer. Wang That’s why he brought Jiang Mijing out with the encouragement of his brothers. But at this time looking at Jiang Mijing with a tight face, even being held in her arms, he felt her body in his arms and invisible trembling. Especially listening to the people’s scolding and disdain, a fire in his heart suddenly came up. In the dim light, the man’s eyes flashed cold. The next moment, he suddenly reached for a glass of wine on the table and handed it to Jiang Mijing. Drink As he spoke, the rim of the cup reached Jiang Mijing’s lips. One side of the people see this scene,liquid bottle filling machine, one by one eyes are showing the interest of watching a good play. The glass of wine he Ziyang is now holding is not ordinary wine, but a glass of mixed wine made by a playboy himself just now, which is made of more than a dozen very strong wines. Generally, people with good drinking capacity can’t stand drinking a small cup, and Jiang Mijing is still a woman, especially such a big cup. He. He Shao, I can’t drink. Jiang Mijing’s voice was very light, smelling the strong smell of wine on the tip of her nose, and she frowned subconsciously. These days are just her menstrual period, ice water and alcohol, Jiang Mijing is not touched. You can’t drink it. He Ziyang Wen Yan’s face sank, then laughed, “Mi Jing, you find another excuse, I may not give you a drink, CSD filling line ,bottle blowing machine, but now.” He Ziyang’s words have not finished, the next moment, he suddenly reached out and pinched the woman’s chin, and then holding the glass of the hand Yang, the wine in the glass homeopathic flow into Jiang Mijing’s mouth. “Oh!” As soon as the wine entered the mouth, a spicy feeling made Jiang Mijing want to spit out subconsciously, but then the man’s hand holding her chin suddenly tightened, the pain from the bone made her open her mouth subconsciously, and the next moment, a whole glass of wine flowed down her throat into her stomach. The feeling of the wine touching the tip of the tongue was only a burning discomfort, but at this time it flowed into the stomach, Jiang Mijing instantly felt as if her stomach was on fire, and the burning feeling was mixed with several other conflicting feelings, which made her subconsciously cover her mouth and vomit. 144 Happy New Year (6000 +) 144 Happy New Year (6000 +) Jiang Mijing can drink, but she has never drunk such a strong wine, and she was forced to drink it like this. All right, that’s enough. One side sounded whistles and applause, Jiang Mijing reached out to choke his throat, tears were choked out, a red face. He Ziyang hugged Jiang Mijing into his arms again, reached out to hook her chin, and said with a smile, “I told you that if you want a role, you have to listen to me.”.
” Jiang Mijing’s eyes were misty with tears, and the heat in her stomach made her feel as if she were burning on a fireball, and she felt very uncomfortable. He Shao, I don’t want the role, I don’t want it, will you let me go? Please, leave me alone. Jiang Mijing cried, tears flowing down her cheeks drop by drop, falling on the man’s arm. Feeling the faint warmth on his arm, the man’s slightly narrowed eyes flashed irritability, and the next moment he reached for a bottle of unopened wine on the tea table and handed it to Jiang Mijing. Drink up this bottle of wine for me, and then you can leave. He said and handed the wine to Jiang Mijing. He Shao.. Jiang Mijing wanted to refuse, but was interrupted by He Ziyang, “If you don’t choose this, there is another choice.” “Hm?” Jiang Mijing’s eyes flashed a touch of hope, but the next moment, he Ziyang suddenly hugged her and pressed his lips towards her. Oh, oh Surrounded by a cheer, Jiang Mijing shocked eyes pushed away He Ziyang, “He Shao, what are you doing?” He Ziyang snorted coldly, “the other choice is that I will do you here now.” The man’s rude and direct words made Jiang Mijing blush, but looking at the indifference and coldness on He Ziyang’s face, she knew that she had no third choice. I I drink. Jiang Mijing said and took the wine from He Ziyang’s hand. He Ziyang looked coldly at the woman in front of him, and the darkness in his eyes slowly turned into gloom. Good. That’s good. So now I’d rather drink the whole bottle of wine than be with him? Thinking,PET blow moulding machine, the man’s side of the fist clenched, lips raised a cold smile. He Ziyang gave Jiang Mijing the largest bottle of wine, Jiang Mijing just drank a few mouthfuls and began to vomit. Her stomach churned and she felt as if she were going to spit out the intestines in her stomach.

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