Sui yuan buried his face in Leonard’s plush belly without saying a word, looking like he was angry. Your own attribute is [the protagonist’s best friend]. 5237 sighed faintly, “Next time I will try to help you choose a role on this basis, so as not to break down the interpersonal relationship again.” Sui yuan: “..” This early snowy night is doomed to be impossible to pass without incident. When Sui yuan was sleeping soundly, a noise woke him up. Coming out from under Leonard, Sui yuan sleepily saw that the leader’s real beast had changed back to human form, holding a lighted torch and waking up the rest of the orcs with a dignified face. I don’t know when the light snow turned into a heavy snow, and the real animals woke up with dignified faces and quickly began to pack up their things. What’s the matter? Alan, who had finally fallen asleep, woke up and asked blankly, slowly moving his frozen hands and feet. We must find shelter from the snow. The leader of the orcs quickly replied, “The snow is getting heavier and heavier. We can’t continue camping outside. Besides, I always feel that there may be a snowstorm next. We must find a safe foothold before that.” Although there was no clear understanding of the seriousness of the current situation, it did not prevent Allen from obeying the leader’s arrangement. Sui yuan and Leonard also packed up their things without saying a word, looked at each other, and read the meaning of “plot” from each other’s eyes. Both of them were relieved-at least Sui yuan was relieved. It seems that even though the time has been abruptly advanced by one year, what should come has come. Sui yuan lay on Leonard’s shoulder and recalled the plot happily. In the original text,Micro Gear Motor, Alan was caught in a snowstorm after entering the jungle. In order to avoid the snow, a group of people rushed into the lair of the strange beast, but they were lucky to meet Monroe and Leonard, who were also avoiding the snow. Not only that, but in this nest, he unexpectedly found the records left by his predecessors,Gear Reduction Motor, which had been regarded by the orcs as decorative patterns left by their ancient ancestors. Then, thanks to these records, Alan stood on the tall shoulders of his predecessors, finally completed the unfinished research of his predecessors, and became a hero of the orc race at one stroke. There’s a cave up ahead! It looks like a strange beast’s lair, but it doesn’t matter so much now. Let’s go in and have a look. The leader, who was walking in the front, said in a loud voice, which seemed a little ethereal through the growing wind. Although it is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing to break into the strange beast’s nest in such a sleepy, tired and cold situation, it seems that there is no other better choice. Seeing that everyone was meaningless, the leader gathered several young and more energetic real beasts and carefully stepped into the nest together, gear reduction motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, while the rest of the people waited at the entrance of the cave until the situation was clear before entering. As the crowd waited nervously, there was a sudden roar of beasts in the cave. The orcs were startled and then delighted, because they recognized that the sound was not a strange beast, but their people. Alan stood up straight unconsciously and looked into the cave. Although it was distorted by the echo, he still noticed that the sound was familiar. Turning to look at Sui yuan and Leonard, he saw that both of them responded to the familiar voice. Allen immediately stopped hesitating and ran into the cave shouting the name of “Senno” without waiting for the real beast beside him to stop him. Sui yuan and Leonard followed closely. When Sui yuan and Leonard saw Allen and Senno, they only saw them hugging each other tightly, as if they had survived the disaster. Senno was badly injured and almost dying. After all, what Leonard and Monroe went through together in the original text, Senno could only support himself. It was really not easy to survive. After a moment of surprise, Allen fell into fear and anxiety, and immediately took out a spell to heal Senno, while Sui yuan went over and knelt down beside Senno to help Allen take care of his injuries.
Seeing his brother, Senno finally took his eyes away from Allen, looked at him with surprise, reproach and relief, raised his hand and pinched Sui yuan’s fingers feebly. With the care of Suiyuan and Allen, Senno’s injuries quickly stabilized. Leonard stayed by Suiyuan’s side, while the rest of the real beasts held torches and checked the whole cave to make sure there was no danger before relaxing, lighting a bonfire and preparing for camping. This is the man you’re looking for? The leader of the orcs came to Alan’s side and asked softly. Alan finally showed his first unburdened smile in a while and nodded solemnly. Congratulations The leader said sincerely that although he had some good feelings for Allen, he saw Senno, who was watching him with alert eyes, and finally left, sighing that “the famous flower is taken.”. Senno, who finally recovered, drank warm water and ate some barbecue. Under Allen’s inquiry, he lightly described his experience during this period. Then he began to disapprove of Sui yuan and Allen, regardless of the danger, and willfully went deep into the jungle at this time. Allen knew that Senno was just worried and had a good temper to let him teach him a lesson, while Sui yuan, after a spoiled reply, “If we don’t come, you will definitely die here,” was held aside by Leonard, who was not very cooperative with the atmosphere of reunion after such a long separation, indicating that he should go to bed. Staring sullenly at his brother’s prospective partner, Senno scratched his hair helplessly. Although he was really gratified that the other party had little principle to protect his shortcomings, it was hard to erase the discomfort that his brother had been completely taken away. But when he looked at Alan and realized that he would probably do the same from Leonard’s point of view,brushless gear motor, Senno finally smiled. Alan, who was bandaging him, was stared at by Senno. His scalp tingled and he coughed awkwardly. “What’s the matter?” 。

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