I can still see the light of that night, and in my hut, the steam from the stove dimmed the light of the kerosene lamp. The red light jumped in front of the kitchen door, and the smell of beef came out of the pot. In those hungry days, such a night became our festival. The cow of the production team died. I got a big piece of beef. I called you here. I must let you share it. That night, I even thought that in case of war or famine, I would give you the last piece of cake to eat. Before I could say it, my face turned red. You asked me what was wrong. I said that the stove fire made my face hot. There was no firewood in front of the stove, so I went out to the firewood room to hold the firewood. This was a straw shed built with the house. There were no walls on three sides, and the winter firewood was piled in it. It was very dark, and when I bent down to pile up the firewood, I suddenly touched a man’s leg! I ran back to the house with a cry of surprise, and you were surprised, too. Let’s analyze what’s going on. Someone was killed and dumped in the firewood? Or suicide, but why come here to die? Anyway, you have to look at the scene. You went out fearlessly, and the flashlight in your hand seemed to be a warrior’s weapon. Soon, you came back with a smile. You said it was a drunken farmer who fell asleep in the firewood when he came home in the dark. You didn’t leave this night and stayed with me until dawn because of this accident. I’m afraid. I always think of the horror of touching a man’s leg among the firewood. After eating beef,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, the night was very deep. I looked at the dark bamboo forest and fields at the door. I let you stay. When two people really want to stay together for a night, we are a little confused. We began to tell stories, Holmes’s “a Study in Scarlet”, which made my hair stand on end. It was midnight before I knew it, and I wanted to urinate. I usually put a dung bucket in the house before dark, but this time you are here, I think it is very indecent to do so. What can we do? There is a simple latrine outside the bamboo grove. It is very dark. I have to ask you to accompany me there. I got into the latrine surrounded by bamboo fence with a flashlight,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and you stood outside to embolden me. When we returned to the house, I kept shivering, and we were frozen in the winter night. I said let’s go to bed and cover it. I covered my legs with the quilt and sat at the head of the bed. You were still standing in the room at a loss. At my urging, you went to bed and sat at the other end of the bed, covering your legs with the quilt. It was so cold that our legs and knees came together. Under the cover of the quilt, the legs slowly became hot. You continue to tell the story, and in a twinkling of an eye, the window paper has turned white. You jumped out of bed and said you were leaving, or you would be seen after dawn, which would have a bad effect on me. I watched you go. It was the only way. In those days, it was a perverse thing for men and women to sleep together. Being found out might ruin my reputation and future. Well, this winter night is a memorial of my youth. Since then, the hand of fate has separated us. If I had known it was our last time together, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, I would have held you tightly, I would have been fearless in life or death, I love you, why should we be separated? Little did we know, however, how fate would play out, and you went to the door and said, “I’ll meet you at the entrance of the town the next time we go to the market.”. Unexpectedly, this is the end of us. In the long years to come, I can only mourn for the beauty of the passing years.. When Zheng Chuan finished reading the mail, he heard the footsteps of Liu Ying coming upstairs. He had a feeling that it was like a lifetime ago. Where am I? On that distant winter night or in the present downstream of life? The oil lamp in the hut emerges in the memory, the long story lets the oil lamp bear the lantern flower, Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes are brighter than the lantern flower. In the flickering flames, the eyes slowly dimmed into the tomb he had seen in the twilight. However, everything is not over. 40 Every afternoon, Zheng Chuan sits in the company office restless, often dizzy, this continuous infusion seems to have little effect on his hyperlipidemia. Blood vessels are blocked, blood flow is not smooth, it seems that the infusion every morning has to go on. Most of the things in the company are arranged for Vice President He Lin to deal with. It’s just a routine for him to sit in the office in the afternoon.
Sitting at his desk, he sometimes saw Lin Xiaoyue sitting on the opposite sofa in a trance. She was combing her hair in front of a small round mirror. Then, she put the comb and mirror on the sofa, smiled at Zheng Chuan and went out. This must be the last time Lin Xiaoyue waited for him to meet here, but he was afraid, he did not dare to come, the comb and mirror left here later disappeared, presumably she took it away later. Now, Zheng Chuan is fearless, and he is even eager to meet her. He felt from her recollection of the past that a person who had once loved would be so kind even if he became a ghost. But she doesn’t show up anymore, and her email never mentions what’s happening now. She just keeps recalling the past. Why doesn’t she explain what happened recently? At the end of the day, Zheng Chuan went to the outer office and said to Gao Wei, “Luo Zong of the construction company will treat you tonight. You can go with me.”. Gao Wei said she didn’t want to go if it wasn’t necessary for her work. It seems that she no longer wants to play the role of “vase” that she once laughed at herself. Well, let her go, can change this secretary work still have to wait, Zheng Chuan always feel in the soul with Lin Xiaoyue, Gao Wei may be able to help him at some time. Gao Wei mentioned the house she lived in again, and when she woke up at night, she was always a little nervous. Zheng Chuan understood that it was the ghost that had appeared in the study that had caused her psychological impact. The ghost was terrible, and Zheng Chuan still believed that it was not Lin Xiaoyue’s soul. Gao Wei said that three members of her family next door died of gas poisoning, and it was uncertain whether the ghost was the hostess next door. However, the shadow in this office building must be related to Lin Xiaoyue, from the white high-heeled shoes exposed under the partition of the women’s toilet to the mysterious woman coming out of the women’s dressing room,304 stainless steel wire, Lin Xiaoyue’s shadow surrounds him, and he is now calmly waiting for the moment of meeting. He often stayed alone in the office after work, or went for a walk in the corridor. He thought Lin Xiaoyue must have appeared with an early smile. sxthsteel.com

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